Freedom from infection

Mare information

I hereby declare that to the best of my knowledge the above mentioned resident mare is not suffering from any contagious disease likely to be a risk to the stallion at the stud and that she has not been in contact with untested thoroughbred and non-thoroughbred stock or those which have been subject to Artificial Insemination.

No EHV-1 virus abortions, cases of Strangles, stillbirths or relevant contagious diseases (e.g. EVA, EIA, CEM, Influenza, Salmonellosis, Dourine, etc.) have occurred within the last six weeks, nor are any such cases currently under investigation other than those who have received total clearance from the appropriate authorities.

All mares

Mares originating from outside the United Kingdom and Ireland

These mares will require negative EVA and EIA blood testes to be taken as detailed below. All mares should be placed in quarantine on arrival until satisfactory post import results have been obtained.

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Copies of international travel documents should accompany the mare when visiting the stallion stud. Please refer to our 2024 Breeding Regulations for further details.

This declaration must be submitted prior to EACH INDIVIDUAL COVERING, or the mare will not be accepted for service.

Director of Studs, Stallions & Breeding Liam O’Rourke