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27 May 2017

Racecourse Time Race Distance Horse Result
15:15 Handicap 4yo+
1m 4f Dolphin Village (IRE)
7  G   Cape Cross (IRE) /
Reform Act (USA) (Lemon Drop Kid (USA))
Breeder: Gerrardstown House Stud
Owner: Mr S. P. Giles
Trainer: Shaun Harris
        Havana Beat (IRE)
7  G   Teofilo (IRE) /
Sweet Home Alabama (IRE) (Desert Prince (IRE))
Breeder: Ms N. Cleary
Owner: Mr Paul Downing
Trainer: Tony Carroll
        Parish Boy (GB)
5  G   New Approach (IRE) /
Requesting (GB) (Rainbow Quest (USA))
Breeder: Rabbah Bloodtock Limited
Owner: Mr Howard Taylor
Trainer: David Loughnane
  15:50 Handicap 3yo+
5f Confessional (GB)
10  G   Dubawi (IRE) /
Golden Nun (GB) (Bishop of Cashel (GB))
Breeder: Bearstone Stud Ltd
Owner: Bearstone Stud Limited
Trainer: Tim Easterby
        Love on the Rocks (IRE)
4  F   Exceed and Excel (AUS) /
My Love Thomas (IRE) (Cadeaux Genereux (GB))
Breeder: Mount Coote New England Barton & Myriad
Owner: The Chriselliam Partnership
Trainer: Charles Hills
        Out Do (GB)
8  G   Exceed and Excel (AUS) /
Ludynosa (USA) (Cadeaux Genereux (GB))
Breeder: Equibreed S.R.L.
Owner: Mr Evan M. Sutherland
Trainer: David O'Meara
        Taexali (IRE)
4  G   Raven's Pass (USA) /
Enchanted Evening (IRE) (High Chaparral (IRE))
Breeder: Mrs C. L. Weld
Owner: Thistle Bloodstock Limited
Trainer: J. P. Shanahan
        Venturous (IRE)
4  G   Raven's Pass (USA) /
Bold Desire (GB) (Cadeaux Genereux (GB))
Breeder: J. Doyle
Owner: Mr Laurence O'Kane
Trainer: David Barron
  16:25 Conditions 2yo
6f Lyrical Pursuit (GB)
2  F   Poet's Voice (GB) /
Crinklelini (GB) (Bertolini (USA))
Breeder: Mrs T. A. Foreman
Owner: Imperial Racing P'Ship & Mr J Blackburn
Trainer: Michael Easterby
  17:00 Handicap 3yo
1m 2¼f Crimson Rosette (IRE)
3  F   Teofilo (IRE) /
Crimson Ribbon (USA) (Lemon Drop Kid (USA))
Breeder: Hascombe & Valiant Studs
Owner: Mr A. E. Oppenheimer
Trainer: Charlie Fellowes
        Desert Water (IRE)
3  F   Sepoy (AUS) /
Desert Sunrise (GB) (Green Desert (USA))
Breeder: Rabbah Bloodstock Limited
Owner: Mr Saeed Suhail
Trainer: Richard Hannon
        Ebbesbourne (IRE)
3  F   Teofilo (IRE) /
Ebble (GB) (Oasis Dream (GB))
Breeder: Mr J. A. Wigan & London Thoroughbred Service
Owner: Mr James Wigan
Trainer: Sir Michael Stoute
        Ice Dancing (IRE)
3  F   Raven's Pass (USA) /
Dancing Abbie (USA) (Theatrical (IRE))
Breeder: Darley
Owner: Sheikh Marwan Al Maktoum
Trainer: Michael Bell
  17:30 Handicap 4yo+
7f Dark Forest (GB)
4  G   Iffraaj (GB) /
Through the Forest (USA) (Forestry (USA))
Breeder: Genesis Green Stud Ltd
Owner: Mr David Haddrell
Trainer: Marjorie Fife
        Destroyer (GB)
4  G   Royal Applause (GB) /
Good Girl (IRE) (College Chapel (GB))
Breeder: Whitsbury Manor Stud
Owner: T T Racing
Trainer: Tom Tate
        Madroos (GB)
4  G   Teofilo (IRE) /
Hedaaya (IRE) (Indian Ridge (IRE))
Breeder: Shadwell Estate Co Ltd
Owner: David Scott Ltd & Mr Michael Blades
Trainer: Michael Easterby
        Manatee Bay (GB)
7  G   Royal Applause (GB) /
Dash of Lime (GB) (Bold Edge (GB))
Breeder: Miss A. J. Rawding & P. M. Crane
Owner: Mrs Alex Nicholls
Trainer: Noel Wilson
        Rock Warbler (IRE)
4  G   Raven's Pass (USA) /
Rare Tern (IRE) (Pivotal (GB))
Breeder: Sir E. J. Loder
Owner: Mr R A Royle & Mr S Evason
Trainer: Oliver Greenall
        Theodorico (IRE)
4  G   Teofilo (IRE) /
Yes Oh Yes (USA) (Gone West (USA))
Breeder: Mr J. S. Bolger & Mr J. Corcoran
Owner: Mike And Eileen Newbould
Trainer: David Loughnane

27 May 2017

YORK (GB)27 May 2017

15:15 Handicap 4yo+ 1m 4f
Horse Dolphin Village (IRE) 7 G
Cape Cross / Reform Act
Breeder Gerrardstown House Stud
Owner Mr S. P. Giles
Trainer Shaun Harris
Horse Havana Beat (IRE) 7 G
Teofilo / Sweet Home Alabama
Breeder Ms N. Cleary
Owner Mr Paul Downing
Trainer Tony Carroll
Horse Parish Boy (GB) 5 G
New Approach / Requesting
Breeder Rabbah Bloodtock Limited
Owner Mr Howard Taylor
Trainer David Loughnane
15:50 Handicap 3yo+ 5f
Horse Confessional (GB) 10 G
Dubawi / Golden Nun
Breeder Bearstone Stud Ltd
Owner Bearstone Stud Limited
Trainer Tim Easterby
Horse Love on the Rocks (IRE) 4 F
Exceed and Excel / My Love Thomas
Breeder Mount Coote New England Barton & Myriad
Owner The Chriselliam Partnership
Trainer Charles Hills
Horse Out Do (GB) 8 G
Exceed and Excel / Ludynosa
Breeder Equibreed S.R.L.
Owner Mr Evan M. Sutherland
Trainer David O'Meara
Horse Taexali (IRE) 4 G
Raven's Pass / Enchanted Evening
Breeder Mrs C. L. Weld
Owner Thistle Bloodstock Limited
Trainer J. P. Shanahan
Horse Venturous (IRE) 4 G
Raven's Pass / Bold Desire
Breeder J. Doyle
Owner Mr Laurence O'Kane
Trainer David Barron
16:25 Conditions 2yo 6f
Horse Lyrical Pursuit (GB) 2 F
Poet's Voice / Crinklelini
Breeder Mrs T. A. Foreman
Owner Imperial Racing P'Ship & Mr J Blackburn
Trainer Michael Easterby
17:00 Handicap 3yo 1m 2¼f
Horse Crimson Rosette (IRE) 3 F
Teofilo / Crimson Ribbon
Breeder Hascombe & Valiant Studs
Owner Mr A. E. Oppenheimer
Trainer Charlie Fellowes
Horse Desert Water (IRE) 3 F
Sepoy / Desert Sunrise
Breeder Rabbah Bloodstock Limited
Owner Mr Saeed Suhail
Trainer Richard Hannon
Horse Ebbesbourne (IRE) 3 F
Teofilo / Ebble
Breeder Mr J. A. Wigan & London Thoroughbred Service
Owner Mr James Wigan
Trainer Sir Michael Stoute
Horse Ice Dancing (IRE) 3 F
Raven's Pass / Dancing Abbie
Breeder Darley
Owner Sheikh Marwan Al Maktoum
Trainer Michael Bell
17:30 Handicap 4yo+ 7f
Horse Dark Forest (GB) 4 G
Iffraaj / Through the Forest
Breeder Genesis Green Stud Ltd
Owner Mr David Haddrell
Trainer Marjorie Fife
Horse Destroyer (GB) 4 G
Royal Applause / Good Girl
Breeder Whitsbury Manor Stud
Owner T T Racing
Trainer Tom Tate
Horse Madroos (GB) 4 G
Teofilo / Hedaaya
Breeder Shadwell Estate Co Ltd
Owner David Scott Ltd & Mr Michael Blades
Trainer Michael Easterby
Horse Manatee Bay (GB) 7 G
Royal Applause / Dash of Lime
Breeder Miss A. J. Rawding & P. M. Crane
Owner Mrs Alex Nicholls
Trainer Noel Wilson
Horse Rock Warbler (IRE) 4 G
Raven's Pass / Rare Tern
Breeder Sir E. J. Loder
Owner Mr R A Royle & Mr S Evason
Trainer Oliver Greenall
Horse Theodorico (IRE) 4 G
Teofilo / Yes Oh Yes
Breeder Mr J. S. Bolger & Mr J. Corcoran
Owner Mike And Eileen Newbould
Trainer David Loughnane