COVID-19 pandemic

Covering requirements for the 2021 breeding season

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic additional measures will once again be in place at the covering shed during the 2021 season to allow covering of ‘walk-in mares’ to continue safely.

All paperwork, including passport information, must be sent electronically in advance. This is critical. If this is not possible, please advise the Stud Office well in advance (ideally when booking the cover).

Mare owners, stud staff and horsebox drivers should remain with their vehicles and will not be allowed in the covering shed or viewing gallery. Everyone should maintain social distancing and wear face coverings as required under current Government rules.

Godolphin stud staff will take the mare (and foal at foot if applicable) from the horsebox for covering and then return her/them to the horsebox. Mares and foals must wear head collars.

Godolphin stud staff will exercise every precaution when handling visiting mares. This will include the use of hand wipes, gels, disinfectants, and cleaning of stallion stud farm tack and equipment.

These measures are in addition to all current Government restrictions and health requirements and are subject to change. Every effort should be made to avoid close contact between Godolphin stud staff and visiting transporters, mare owners, or their stud staff. If close contact is essential, it must be minimised as much as is practically possible and a face covering must be worn at all times.