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CHANTILLY (FR)   14:50   Prix Daphnis (G3)
Almanaar (GB) 3 G Dubawi (IRE) Baqah (IRE)
Breeder: Shadwell Estate Co. Ltd   Result: Won/5
CURRAGH (IRE)   14:45   Hermitage Medical Clinic International S (G3)
Parish Hall (IRE) 6 H Teofilo (IRE) Halla Siamsa (IRE)
Breeder: J. S. Bolger   Result: 2/3
ISTANBUL (TUR)   18:00   Nenehatun (Listed)
Bici Bici (TUR) 3 F Authorized (IRE) Bellini Rose (IRE)
Breeder: Dicle Kim.Dep.Paz.Nak   Result: Won/17
MILAN (ITY)   18:25   Premio Primi Passi (G3)
Hortos (IRE) 2 C Royal Applause (GB) La Belle Dane (GB)
Breeder: Rabbah Bloodstock Ltd   Result: 3/6
SAINT-CLOUD (FR)   15:40   Prix de Malleret (G2)
Kataniya (IRE) 3 F Raven's Pass (USA) Katiykha (IRE)
Breeder: S.A. Aga Khan   Result: 2/8
SAINT-CLOUD (FR)   15:40   Prix de Malleret (G2)
Yaazy (IRE) 3 F Teofilo (IRE) Tanaghum (GB)
Breeder: Shadwell Estate Co. Ltd   Result: 3/8

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